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Depression Treatment in Edmonton

Depression comes in many forms, thus, treatment is unique to each client. Our team at Roy Psychotherapy understand this, and our treatments reflect this. With years of experience, Francois Roy is a trusted name in the field of psychology, and his team at Roy Psychotherapy delivers personalized sessions that ensure patients get the treatment they need to improve their quality of life. Our open-minded, holistic approach to treating depression will involve your mind, body, and soul. There is no easy way through the murky waters of depression, but our compassionate approach is bound to help you as it has helped so many of our previous clients. For your convenience, we offer specific treatments in English, French, and Spanish.

Seeking Therapy for Depression is the First Step

If you're struggling with depression and have decided to seek therapy, we'd like to thank you for taking that brave first step. We recognize how challenging it can be to seek support, and our team is here to support you in whatever ways you need. We take our role in your success seriously and hand-select our employees to ensure we're offering a safe therapeutic environment for all. In addition to this, we understand how important it is to form a safe and comfortable connection with your therapist. To this end, we'll help you find the right therapist who clicks with you. We'd like to invite you to connect with a member of our team to learn more about the treatment options that are available to you. Our initial consultations are confidential, and you can connect with our team to make an appointment.

No One-Size-Fits-All Treatment Plans for Depression

Depression is a complex disorder that affects people in various ways. Due to its complexity, we don't offer a one-size-fits-all treatment for depression. Instead, we work diligently with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. In doing so, we can eliminate tactics that aren't working for you and focus on developing strategies are helping you succeed. With that said, undergoing therapy for depression can be daunting when you don't know what to expect. Allow us to explain some of our most requested forms of depression treatment below: Severe Depression Treatment Those with severe depression tend to suffer from low mood, inability to function, lack of enjoyment, and an inability to care for themselves or others for long periods of time. Over time, depression significantly affects individual's ability to cope with even the smallest demands of daily life, drastically hindering their quality of life. Our approach to severe depression treatment is patient-led. We follow your lead to determine the best course of action for your unique situation. However, in order for patient-led treatments to be successful, you'll need a therapist with a complete toolbox of skills, techniques, and coping mechanisms to bring to the table. Our job is to introduce you to the tools we use to work through severe depressive episodes, and your role is to choose the ones that feel like the best fit for you. A risk-free initial consultation would give us the opportunity to go over some of our different approaches and answer any of your questions. Don't hesitate to book an appointment.

Empowering Mothers with Postpartum Depression Treatment

Transitioning into motherhood can pose many different challenges. Postpartum depression can affect mothers regardless of if they've had their first child or their sixth. The feeling of overwhelming sadness, despair, and loneliness can pervade our thoughts and make it very difficult to carry out daily responsibilities. Seeking treatment for postpartum depression is a healthy way to gain support, learn coping strategies, and reconnect with yourself, others, and the world. Our goal is to help you develop techniques for managing depression and support you while you work through your difficult emotions. Remember, the emotions you feel are valid, but not permanent. Our proven techniques have helped many mothers navigate the new chapter of their lives, and we're confident in our ability to offer you actionable tools and emotional relief. Contact us to learn more about our postpartum treatment options and how we personalize treatment to your specific needs.

Seasonal Depression Treatment

If your mood begins to worsen when the seasons turn from sunny skies in the summer to darker days in the winter, you could be suffering from seasonal affective disorder. However, there is treatment available. Our goal at Roy Psychotherapy is to offer you ways to cope with the changing seasons and strategies you can employ to keep your mood stable year-round. Some of the most common symptoms associated with seasonal affective disorder include:

  • Sadness, listlessness, and feelings of emptiness throughout the day, on a daily basis
  • Loss of interest
  • Low energy
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • And more

The symptoms above are by no means a comprehensive list of symptoms and is not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool. If you're experiencing depressive symptoms outside of what is listed above, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss therapy options that align with your goals. Our initial consultations are offered with no obligation to commit to therapy.

Exploring Naturalistic Ways to Help Depression

At Roy Psychotherapy, we see the value of therapeutics and prescription medicine for treating mental disorders, but we also acknowledge that there are many more pillars to wellbeing than therapy and medicine. You can contact a member of our team at Roy Psychotherapy to learn more about how the following factors can greatly impact your health and your mood:

  • Diet
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Exercise
  • Stress
  • Environmental factors

Connect with us to discover affordable, natural ways to improve your mental health. Get started by booking a no-obligation consultation today.

Addressing Treatment-Resistant Depression

If you've attempted treatment with a therapist you connected with, but weren't gaining desired results, you may be facing treatment-resistant depression. If this is the case, we admire your earnest efforts to address treatment-resistant depression by visiting our page! Our specialists are well-known for working with severe and resistant cases of depression, with promising results. We'd like to invite you to sit down with us to discuss treatment options that may serve you better. Simply contact us to book a consultation. If you or a loved one are experiencing depression, call (587) 984-2703 today to schedule a consultation.


A Trusted Psychotherapist for Depression Depression can manifest in many ways but our team at Roy Psychotherapy has a wealth of experience dealing with a wide range of symptoms. Our approach combines tried and true methods with tailored solutions to provide lasting results for all clients suffering from depression. With our team you can expect:

  • On-time sessions
  • Thoughtful advice
  • Friendly, honest guidance
  • Courteous service
  • Effective treatment plans
  • Complete confidentiality

Roy Psychotherapy is happy to discuss your treatment options with you in a no-obligation consultation. Book a consultation, and we'll provide a thorough assessment of your options so you know precisely how you can benefit from treatment. Roy psychotherapy is a compassionate practice defined by honesty, transparency, and courteousness. If you need the help of an expert, don't hesitate to get in touch and see what we can do for you.

How to Know it's Time to Treat Your Depression

Depression has become a common disorder which means that there has been an increasing amount of research towards treating it. Depression is likely as prevalent as it is given the culture that we live in where we're constantly bombarded with stressors that we're expected to handle with ease. Thus, an essential aspect of our treatment is discovering your stresses and identifying ways to manage them and cope with them. If you are constantly distressed, increasingly tired, losing interest in everything (known as Anhedonia), constantly combat low mood, or experience profound dissatisfaction in everything you do and feel – it's time to seek help. Our treatment aims to restore balance in your life. To help you recognize that, although you may struggle with depression, there are tools that will help you reckon with it and surpass its terrible grasp. Symptoms of depression include:

  • Consistent feelings of sadness or irritability
  • Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Difficulty falling asleep or getting out of bed
  • Feelings of restlessness or tiredness
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Thoughts or acts of self-harm

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms, know that the practitioners at Roy psychotherapy are here to help you understand and treat your condition. Book a consultation by contacting Roy Psychotherapy today.

Roy Psychotherapy's Integrative Approach

Different treatments work better for different patients. Depression treatment is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Roy Psychotherapy utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to provide comprehensive treatment plans tailored to patient's needs. Through ongoing assessment and evaluation, we develop lasting solutions based on the most effective forms of psychotherapy for each patient. Long-term depression results in physical imbalances in the brain. Many brain signals that regulate your moods become dysregulated under the influence of depression. These imbalances can result in all kinds of undesirable behaviours that, if experienced regularly, can cause depression to spiral further. Consistently inappropriate responses to emotional events, or drastic responses to negative events, are signs that you could benefit from Roy Psychotherapy's treatments. Our treatments aim to mitigate undesirable responses, and help you respond adaptively to new or challenging stimuli instead. At Roy Psychotherapy, our approach is integrative, blending treatment modalities to give patients the most robust care possible. Primarily using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to treat depression, our team also relies on a range of other approaches to ensure effective treatment of all symptoms and conditions. CBT is renowned for its ability to treat depressive disorders—including Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)—and improve patients' quality of life. If you need to reclaim your health and well-being, Roy Psychotherapy is here to help.

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