Depression Treatment in Edmonton

Roy Psychotherapy provides depression treatment therapy in Edmonton. With years of experience, Dr. Roy has proved a trusted name in the field of psychotherapy. Driven by care and compassion, he delivers personalized sessions that ensure his patients get the treatment they need to improve their quality of life.

Depression is an ailment that comes in many different forms, and the treatments will be unique for each person. Roy Psychotherapy's treatments intend to work alongside you throughout your treatment and help you toward improvement.

Our open-minded, manifold approach to depression treatment will involve and challenge your mind, body, and soul. There is no easy way through the murky waters of depression, but our compassionate approach to your issues is bound to help you as it has helped so many of our previous clients before you.

For your convenience, we offer specific treatments in English, French, and Spanish.

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A Trusted Psychotherapist for Depression

Depression can manifest in many ways. Dr. Roy has a wealth of experience dealing with a range of conditions and symptoms, giving his patients the care they need to flourish. His approach combines time-tested methods with tailored solutions to promise real, lasting results for all who suffer from depression.

With Dr. Roy, you can expect:

  • On-time sessions
  • Thoughtful advice
  • Friendly, honest guidance
  • Courteous service
  • Effective treatment plans
  • Complete confidentiality

Roy Psychotherapy is happy to discuss your treatment options with you in a no-obligation consultation. Book a consultation, and Dr. Roy will provide a thorough assessment so you know precisely how you can benefit. His is a compassionate practice defined by honesty, transparency, and courteousness. If you need the help of an expert, don't hesitate to get in touch to see what he can do for you.

How to Know its Time to Treat Your Depression

Currently, depression is very common. We mention that not to disparage your own experience but to let you see that you are not alone in the struggle toward getting better.

It is generally agreed upon that one of the leading causes of depression are, broadly, "stresses." An essential aspect of our treatment involves locating your stresses and exercising them.

If you are constantly distressed, increasingly tired, losing interest in everything (known as Anhedonia), deal with a general feeling of ridiculousness, or experience profound dissatisfaction in everything you do and feel – it is time to seek help.

If your depression causes you great anxiety – we will help you through that as well. Depression and anxiety often come hand-in-hand, and if acute enough, can be debilitating. Our treatment is to help bring balance back into your life. To help you recognize that, although you may be stuck with depression as an ailment, there are tools that will help you reckon with it and surpass its terrible grasp.

Symptoms of depression include:

  • Consistent feelings of sadness or irritability
  • Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Difficulty falling asleep or getting out of bed
  • Feelings of restlessness or tiredness
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Thoughts or acts of self-harm

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms, know that there is help. Dr. Roy is here to help you understand and treat your condition. Book a consultation by contacting Roy Psychotherapy today.

Dr. Roy's Integrative Approach

Tested. Trusted. Proven Effective.

Different treatments work better for different patients. Depression treatment is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Roy Psychotherapy utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to provide comprehensive treatment plans tailored to his patient's needs. Through ongoing assessment and evaluation, he develops real, lasting solutions based on the most effective forms of psychotherapy for each patient.

Long-term depression results in physical imbalances in the brain. Many brain currents that regulate your moods become dysregulated under depression. These imbalances can result in all kinds of undesirable behaviours that, if experienced regularly, can negatively impact the experience of depression further.

Consistently inappropriate responses to emotional events or drastic responses to negative events are signs that you will be able to benefit from Roy Psychotherapy's treatments. Our treatments aim to help stop those undesirable responses and help you achieve balance when responding to these stimuli.

Our doors are always open to you. We will welcome you into a safe and compassionate environment staffed with professionals that understand what you are going through. Helping you long-term is our goal. The tools we use in treatment mean to be taken by you through your life to use as tools whenever you need them most.

Dr. Roy's approach is integrative, blending treatment modalities to give his patients the most robust care possible. He uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for depression treatment, but he also relies on a range of other therapy approaches to ensure effective treatment of all symptoms and conditions. CBT is renowned for its ability to treat depressive disorders—including Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)—and improve a patient's quality of life. If you need to reclaim your health and well-being, Dr. Roy is here to help.

Edmonton's Leading Depression-Treatment Specialist

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Reclaim your life and get started on the path to healing today. Dr. Roy has helped countless patients overcome depression. He's given them the tools they need to live full and healthy lives, all while ensuring they see the results they deserve. With his experience and expertise, he's confident he can help you too.

We sympathize with you. We know that even reaching out to us for treatment can be an uphill battle in itself. Trust us when we say that we will welcome you into a judgment-free zone. We want to help you live a life that is fulfilling and one you can happily share.

If getting your mental health back on track is your priority, you have the same goal as us. We are dedicated to your health and want to see you and help you thrive.

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