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Anxiety Treatment in Edmonton

Countless people struggle to navigate stress, anxiety, and panic disorders independently. We’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t have to go it alone. Some of the finest, most effective anxiety treatments are just a phone call away.

Offering the most comprehensive psychotherapeutic treatments in Edmonton and beyond, Roy Psychotherapy is here for you. Together we’ll uncover the root of your anxiety and provide you with the tools and information to better manage anxiety in your day-to-day life.

Would you like to learn more about the psychotherapeutic services we offer? Are you eager to learn more about our appointment availability and rates? Whatever the question and no matter the concerns, you can contact us. Our phone number is (587) 984-2703, and we’ll be here to answer the phone and listen to your concerns.

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What is Anxiety Treatment?

Many people understand the nature of anxiety. They know what it’s like for their pulse to quicken at a moment’s notice or to feel short of breath at the very mention of a certain topic. That said, many people are unaware of anxiety treatments. They know there are ways to minimize anxiety, but they aren’t sure what these processes entail.

Psychotherapy is one of several ways people in the modern world eliminate or manage their anxiety. What is psychotherapy? Psychotherapy refers to treatments that seek to resolve issues through psychological rather than medical means. Whereas a psychiatrist might prescribe medication to an individual, psychotherapists embrace talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

While these therapeutic practices might be offered in conjunction with medication, psychologists in Canada don’t prescribe medication to their patients.

Talk Therapy for Anxiety

Talk therapy has been explored professionally since 1880. The purpose of talk therapy is to help individuals uncover the issues that cause anxiety and emotional distress. Talk therapy may also be used to help patients identify their wants, needs, and goals. Additional aims of talk therapy may include:

  • Identify mental obstacles and roadblocks
  • Identify and undo poor habits
  • Discuss lifestyle and potential lifestyle changes
  • Develop a deeper understanding of emotions
  • Identify anxiety triggers
  • Work to manage anxiety during stressful situations

Anxiety and anxiety management looks different to everyone. Your anxiety may differ significantly from how other people in your life experience it, but that doesn’t mean your problems are unsolvable. We can show you how to gain control and better understand the contours of your anxiety.

Confidential Sessions Courtesy of Professionals

Talk therapy can only achieve the desired results in a confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere. Otherwise, the individual may not be so willing to share their emotions with their psychotherapist. Rest assured, we promise nothing short of complete professionalism at every turn. We ensure that your time spent with us is invaluable in the coming years.

Would you like to learn more about the services we offer our patients? Contact us at your convenience. We’re always free to speak with potential patients about availabilities, rates, services, and more.

Learn to Manage Your Anxiety

If you're dealing with anxiety, you're not alone. Millions of people of all ages and backgrounds struggle with anxiety; however, just because it's common doesn't make it easy to deal with. For this reason, relying on the support of a therapist can be one of the best ways to cope and manage your symptoms. Roy Psychotherapy can help you find the tools you need to cope with your anxiety in ways that resonate with you and your unique circumstances. While many people are quick to dismiss anxiety as a normal part of everyday life, an anxiety disorder is different. It takes a significant toll on our well-being and should not be overlooked. If you're looking to overcome your anxiety, Roy Psychotherapy invites you to get in touch with us. We offer therapy services designed to meet the unique needs of all our clients. We offer expert anxiety and other treatments in a comfortable, non-intimidating environment, and sessions are guided by seasoned psychologists with years of experience in the field. To book an appointment with our team, call (587) 984-2703.

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At Roy Psychotherapy, we've been working with clients for many years. We know that confronting anxiety can be difficult, but collecting the tools you need to combat your anxiety, and understand where it stems from, is well worth the effort. Our team will take the time to meet with you and understand your unique experience before we start the therapeutic process. We know that every client has different strengths, challenges, and backgrounds, and our experts want to learn about you before we get to work. Discovering where your anxiety stems from is a critical piece of the puzzle, not because it gives you the answers you're looking for, but because it allows you to analyze your anxiety in relation to how it has served you. From here, you can learn alternative, adaptive tools to accomplish the same function as anxiety leading to healthier thoughts and behaviours. If you're ready to prioritize your mental health and take charge of your future, book a consultation today. We understand that you may be nervous to begin this journey, and it will be challenging, but the potential for positive outcomes are endless. If you know, you need help with your anxiety, and decide to call us, just remember that with Roy Psychotherapy, you will be speaking with professionals who will not judge. We are sympathetic to all our client's problems and always do our best to help you.

A Personalized Approach to Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety can be triggered by a variety of feelings, events, and situations. Perhaps you feel anxious about a new opportunity, an experience in your past, a conflict with your family, or understanding who you are and what you want out of life. Sometimes, it can be challenging to pinpoint the cause of your anxiety, which can exasperate the feeling. Our team will help you build skills to manage and cope with your anxiety so you can regain control of your life and move forward with confidence. We know that anxiety treatment is never one-size-fits-all, and our experts will help you find your strengths, while challenging your anxiety in an organic and meaningful way. Remember, anxiety is a mechanism that is intended to protect us. Thus, although anxiety feels like the enemy, it can be helpful in life. Therefore, the purpose of our treatment isn't to rid you of anxiety, but to mitigate and control it with tools that you will learn in sessions. Eventually, you'll learn to use anxiety to your advantage.

Therapy Conducted in a Private and Comfortable Environment

Finding success through therapy will require a certain level of vulnerability. Opening up and talking about your personal challenges with a stranger is difficult for many clients at first, and we do what we can to make you feel as prepared as possible. First, we want to assure you that our counselling services are completely confidential. We understand the importance of your privacy, and our therapists are required to prioritize confidentiality at all times. We also ensure our offices as comfortable as possible, equipped with comfortable furnishings and tissues. In addition, we keep all our spaces regularly cleaned and sanitized for your peace of mind and safety. Besides the physical atmosphere, our therapists work hard to ensure sessions feel emotionally safe and free of judgement. This crucial dynamic allows clients to learn that they can discuss their feelings and experiences safely and without negative repercussion. Granted, this is not to say that everything that is discussed in therapy will feel comfortable, it won't! But, you will feel safe and supported when you have to discuss big emotions. At Roy Psychotherapy, we always prioritize our client's wellbeing. Thus, sessions can stop at any time, and you have the freedom to choose what you want to speak about and what you don't. When you're in the office, you control your session. Our team is merely here to help you work through your anxiety.

Contact Our Team for Professional Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety and depression can manifest in many ways precisely because each of us have unique brain chemistry, life situations, and personal backgrounds. Many people live with an anxiety disorder and accept it as a normal fact of life, but this doesn't have to be the case. Here at Roy Psychotherapy, we pride ourselves in offering compassionate treatment for anxiety that will provide you with effective coping strategies for life. Get in touch with us at (587) 984-2703 to speak with one of our registered therapists, and learn more about how we can help. We're happy to provide you with any accreditation or credentials you'd like to see from our team. We look forward to learning about you, hearing your story, and supporting you in the best way we can.

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Free Intake Consultations for Anxiety Therapy

Here at Roy Psychotherapy, we're firm believers that anxiety counselling can't be rushed. Taking the time to understand our patients, as well as their situations, allows us to develop the most appropriate treatment plan. Our therapy is always tailored to provide effective anxiety relief and help our patients live healthy lives. If you've decided that it's time to stop living with anxiety or depression, give us a call today to start your path to betterment. Initial consultation is an easy process where we learn more about you, have you answer some questions, and discuss your goals – nothing too strenuous. We can answer any questions you have about the therapeutic process, and if you like what you see, we can schedule your first official appointment.

When Is it Time to Seek an Anxiety Specialist?

Hardships are a normal part of life. It's perfectly okay to feel tense, nervous, or restless from time to time. However, once anxiety starts to intrude on the quality of your life, it might be time to seek professional help. If you feel like you can't seem to deal with anything life throws at you, it's important to know that this isn't a sign of weakness and that there is help available. It's also essential to recognize some of the telltale signs of anxiety disorders to know when it might be time to seek help from an expert. Anxiety Signs and Symptoms

  • Inability to relax
  • Feeling tense or nervous
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Difficulty with concentrating
  • Increased heart rate
  • Hyperventilating
  • Sweating
  • Fatigue

Over 25 Years of Anxiety Counselling Experience

When you choose Roy Psychotherapy to help with your anxiety, you benefit from over two decades of professional therapy experience. Our certified staff have the knowledge, resources, and dedication required to help you through your issues. When you trust us with your mental health, you can feel confident knowing that we have a solid history of helping our patients reduce their anxiety.

Anxiety Treatment for All Walks of Life

At Roy Psychotherapy, our goal is to help people in our community overcome their struggles with anxiety and depression. Our accommodating, judgement-free approach to therapy ensures that everyone feels comfortable coming to us for assistance. Helping our clients live comfortable and fulfilling lives is what's most important to us. No matter where your struggles with anxiety may be stemming from, you can trust us to be understanding and professional.

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If you've decided that it's time to seek professional assistance for your troubles with anxiety, Roy Psychotherapy is a great place to start. Our polite and courteous staff will help you feel at ease and provide you with the strategies you need to triumph over adversity. Call (587) 984-2703 today to learn more.

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