Psychotherapy Services by Roy Psychotherapy

Roy Psychotherapy offers a wealth of dedicated mental health professionals with experience and training in various therapeutic traditions. Because of the abundant assortment of therapists at Roy Psychotherapy’s disposal, patients receive a more holistic approach to treatment than they might with other clinics. It is not uncommon for those suffering from mental illness to have a complex set of mental, biochemical, physical and perspective-based issues which compound one another. Our clinic offers interactive healing and can create a treatment program that is tailored specifically for each client. The following is a brief overview of many mental wellness therapies offered by Roy Psychotherapy.

St Albert Self –Regulation Therapy

When the nervous system is resourced, it does what it needs to do, e.g., release emotions that have been held inside; or make a shift in a desirable direction. We look for the best resources for you, which may include a person, a spiritual being, an animal, a special place, a nice memory, etc. When you remember an experience or imagine one, your nervous system responds as if that is what is happening in the moment; it then does what it needs to do. Emotions that are released move through the body; this is experienced as heat, tingling, tears, etc. The release of emotion/sensation from the nervous system creates room for positive feelings and coping. Working in this way, you free yourself up from unresolved feelings or experiences; and/or develop resources to deal with issues. For example, by virtue of its plasticity and ability to develop new neural networks, the brain can develop alternate sources of pleasure to reduce dependency on substances/behaviours, or release pain. Providing the best resources to the nervous system facilitates the regulation of stress or fluctuating mood, and helps with the resolution of trauma. We can develop alternate, healthier ways of dealing with other people. Parts of the brain which are over-functioning (anxiety, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, social anxiety) or under-functioning (depression) can be normalized, decreasing the need for medication.

St Albert EMDR

(Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

EMDR, through the bi-lateral stimulation of the brain, helps with resolution of trauma, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, etc. When the brain is stimulated with a side-to-side movement of the eyes, or a side-to-side movement of sound, the left and right sides of the brain work together to resolve an issue. But care must be taken that the stimulation not lead to overwhelm, dissociation, and only an apparent reduction of symptoms.

St Albert Couples Therapy

Some couples have conflict because they do not know effective ways to communicate. Others, because they are reacting to characteristics in their partner that are similar to characteristics of their parents ("I married my dad!"). Joint sessions focus on learning appropriate and respectful ways to communicate feelings and needs; and productive ways to resolve conflict. Sessions may focus on resolving some of the family of origin issues that the spouse/partner is triggering. Healing past hurts reduces the chances that issues will be projected onto the spouse/partner by, e.g., blaming the other person, which can lead to defensiveness and escalation.

St Albert Family Therapy

Family sessions can help with parenting issues such as inappropriate child or adolescent behaviours (verbal abuse; alcohol/drug consumption; sexual behaviour; etc.); bullying (perpetrator or victim); or other symptoms such as insomnia; anxiety; school issues, etc. Other difficulties that can be helped with family counselling include 'blended family' issues; dealing with aged parents; and issues related to separation and divorce, including 'high conflict' divorce.

St Albert Bioenergetic Analysis

Bioenergetic therapy uses awareness experiences (attending to muscular tension, posture, breathing patterns, etc); physical intervention (grounding, stretching, stress reduction tools, deepening the breath to charge the body or create states of relaxation, etc.); and direct expression (understand, release, and integrate traumatic material from the past through body movements, exercises, and experiences that deepen emotional expression) to bring about the conscious integration of mind and body, reduce emotional stress, and help with the problems of living.

St Albert Energy Therapy

Energy therapies use techniques such as tapping and alternating sound; or technologies such as soft lasers, to rebalance energy flows that are too weak or too strong. It is imbalance in energy flows and blockages that cause symptoms and disease. Stimulating the acupoints or balancing the energy in the chakras helps to alleviate symptoms and support greater health, harmony, and well-being and other physical exercises to help a patient become aware and capable of healing their emotional state. St Albert Body Oriented Psychotherapy is effective precisely because it uses multiple entry points into understanding the human psyche and moving toward total integration.

St Albert Workplace Assistance

Inappropriate behaviours from a supervisor/manager including demeaning statements, sexually inappropriate behaviour, favoritism, etc. Inappropriate behaviour from co-workers such as 'cliques'; unwanted comments; dual relationships, etc. Psychotherapy can help with developing strategies to deal with inappropriate behaviours. It can help with developing assertiveness and the communication skills needed for the workplace. Work/life balance issues can be addressed.

St Albert Spiritually-Inclusive

We look at how spiritual resources can help with the resolution of issues and provide support when we have done all we can do ourselves or are feeling overwhelmed. We explore how spiritual practices can bring hope, strength, perspective, better values, more balance, etc.

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